Sunday, January 27, 2013

Done .. Next!

I finished the double weave shirt today. For the most part, I think it came out nicely.  I am very pleased with my new Juki TL2010Q and with the Superior So Fine! thread I also used for the first time.  

Sew that's what goes on when the lights are out!
My mom gave me her size 16 dress form.  The muslin on the form is the skirt I started a couple of weeks ago. The shirt was something I did while she tested the fit of the skirt, but I'm ready to get back to work on the skirt.  My lady friend needs it for this Friday to celebrate "Go Red!" Day this Friday, February 1st.  I foresee a couple of late nights.

This semester I'm teaching Monetary & Financial Institutions as an adjunct prof. in the evening.  Banking by day, sewing and teaching in the margins.



  1. I like the shirt. The contrasting cuffs and pockets are a nice touch.

  2. Beautiful shirt. I'm impressed at how much you pack into your days!!

    1. I follow your blog and am always impressed by your creative energy too!