Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back to Vogue V8750

I'm feeling the love for Vogue's design and style of V8750.  The flaring lower skirt panels were just captivating when my lady friend walked in the muslin I'd made.  The front and back panels hold the possibility of a daring statement.  Even the yoke is a lovely accent. 

Thinking hard on how I might use a combination of print and solid fabrics to bring out the character I see in the design, I came up with a combination that should work.  From the muslin, I suspect I know what pitfalls await me in matching pattern and grain lines. 

After consulting with the lady who will wear my skirt on color, with a wry smile she selected a brilliant red rather than the silver I'd offered as an alternative.  We were only talking about color; I didn't have the fabric yet.  She's a 'mature' plus size, but she has a youthful fire in her mind's eye.    My heart was with the red too. I'm thrilled to have the chance to make a skirt that will express how she sees herself.  For the lower skirt panels, I'm going to use a floral pattern that reminds me of the spring cherry blossoms. 

The rich red satin will fill the front panel, arc over the hip, and fill the back.  The light silver satin on the yoke should provide an interesting accent, soften her waist line and emphasize the lower hip and flaring lower skirt.  With the right white/grey blouse, she'll have a nice hour glass silhouette.

The pieces are cut. I overlaid the pieces over my muslin just to visualize how it will look.   My Juki is threaded up and ready to ride with Superior So-Fine in a red that is a dead on match to the red satin.  I teach tomorrow night; we'll see if I have time to do some panels and get this show on the road.

In my head, I hear my father's displeasure. 'A skirt? You're making a skirt for a woman?' He'd rather I stick to finance and IT.  I've played the piano since I was a small boy.  In college I learned drawing and painting as electives for core courses in economics and accounting.  He wasn't happy with that either.  Here I am in my 60s, painting when I can and sewing as much as I can. Fighting back. My mother uses every opportunity to share what she knows from her years of dress making.  An amazing family dynamic, and yet so common.

A few days ago, I happened on a chance meeting with a young lady and her mother while waiting for our take out chinese dinner orders.   They were discussing what the daughter should study in college.  Something was pulling her to accounting, but her heart was calling her to fashion design.  Her mom wanted her to go for design, but I sensed a father's voice in her head too.  I intruded and told her to look hard at design, go with her heart and that the next time she might have the choice will be 40 years from now.  She turned very pale.  She should.


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