Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reverse Print Shirt is Done

I've been working on this shirt far too long. Let's just say that we're planning to sell our house and move, and I was very distracted with packing up loose things, painting, clearing out all the old furniture. And only one person in 6 weeks has come. [sigh]

My son is home from the Navy, so I took a couple of weeks vacation. During the down times, I've headed up to my sewing room and finished the reverse image shirt.

I had fewer mistakes on this shirt, which is a good thing because I fit the length for my son and gave it to him. One would think there are plenty of Aloha shirts in Hawaii, and there are, but very few have the day-to-day non-tourista prints one expects of a "regular' shirt.

My next project is pajama pants. I've never done pants before. Does this count?


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