Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Done!

Yesterday, I finished up the hems on the sleeves and body. Tonight was buttonhole and buttons night. It's done!

I discovered a relationship that I never appreciated before between the top button, the facing labels, and the collar. Following the papepr pattern exactly, the button holes are 4.5" apart and set 5/8" in from the edge. Instead of following the paper pattern to mark the button placement, I overlayed the buttonholes over the opposite facing and marked the point with a chalk pencil. Big mistake. The buttons were too high and 1" in from the edge. This resulted in the facing rolling over and a twist to the collar. OK.. so I took off all the buttons, pulled out the paper pattern, and then realized the buttons were about a 1/2" too high and 3/8" too far in. When I repositioned the buttons, the facing laid better and the collar didn't curl.

The facing is a key element of the design of the shirt. My fold is too narrow, creating more fabric across the front. On the next shirt, I'll do a better job with the facing. Good nite!

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