Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bell Lap for My Shirt

Yesterday I finished making the collar, but today I basted and stitched it to the back and front facing.

I didn't repeat the major mistakes of my earlier muslin, but there's a few little ones that will nag me. When I was edge stitching the point of the collar, the feed dog didn't pick it up quite right, even witch a scrap to keep the pressure foot even. The result was an extra couple of stitches right at the tip of the collar point. They are tight enough not to be noticed, but I will see them. Turning a 1/4" fold with stitching at the end of the facing wasn't as perfect as I'd like. And the points of the facing didn't come out as sharp as I'd like, but ironing may fix that. I need to compare the professional shirt examples I have to my own. Well, on second thought... maybe I don't want to know.

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