Friday, April 13, 2012

What two hours looks like

I decided to finish my sample robe #2. When I looked at the bottom hem this morning, I realized I hadn't turned in the edge, sewed it, and turned it inside out. This meant carefully ripping open the seam that enclosed the edge and then closing up the edge. Easier said than done. I did one side and then the other quickly. I closed it up and Voila! my two edges were different lengths. OYE!

I can't tell you how many iterations I went through of measuring, ironing, sewing, ripping, measuring ironing again... you get the idea. After sinking a couple of hours into it, I think it's as good as I'm going to make it. Next I need to close up the bottom hem. I think I should take bets on how long that will take.

How do we get into a sewing tailspin like this? Does it always end in a crash and burn ?


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