Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sample No. 2 done... next!

Today I finished the hem of sample robe no. 2 in about 30 minutes. It took much less time than I imagined because I'd cut the fabric more carefully than the fabric had been cut for me in the Sally Bowles final version. The fabric itself was much more forgiving than the slippery shiny impossible to see the grain.

It's time for me to shift my thinking on what to sew next. My pick dogwood is blooming again. It's a few weeks early and we've had almost drought like conditions since January. The blooms were so few last year that I hired a tree expert to trim it and treat it.

Maybe sometime I'll come across fabric that captures the beauty of this tree, or at least hints at it.

Thinking about my next project. I have three in mind: Burda 7291, Burda 7525, and Green Pepper 402. Now that the warm weather is returning, I've started cycling again. All my jerseys are either yellow or some combination of red-white-blue. I'd like to do something really different, but I won't know what it is until I see it.

I already have the patterns, but only the fabric for the Burda patterns. I may go fabric shopping tomorrow for the jersey. I like 7291, but I won't be able to wear it until the Fall. I have a linen that I'd like to use for view C of 7525. Decisions.. decisions. G'Night!

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