Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This is a job for the Pfaff!

Tonight I cut out my pattern pieces, but maybe sliced out is more accurate. I could make Frodo's mithril shirt out of this fabric. It's an extremely fine knit and the fibers are really tough. It simply refused to be cut neatly with a scissor, so I cut it entirely with an Olfa 45mm rotary blade. The Green Pepper pattern folks must have known that it's not easy to notch knit fabric because all their marks were simple single and double lines to be transferred to the fabric after cutting.

Last November, I made the costume jackets for A Christmas Carol out of double knit. This fabric is much finer and harder to push a needle through. I'm using a Schmetz Jersey Ball Point 70/10 needle, but I wish I had something finer. Using a triple stretch stitch on my Pfaff, the test seams came out with very little pucker. It took a little playing with the tension. I also reduced the stitch length from 3.0mm to 2.5mm, which further reduced pucker and seemed to hold the seam better with cross wise stretching.

I'm reading to start construction of the jersey. First order, insert the invisible zipper on the front. But not tonight. Sweet dreams!

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