Sunday, April 29, 2012

Riding in my new jersey. No pun intended.

I put my new jersey to the test today. It was a beautiful day for a bike ride and a boy needs a proper jersey.

Here I am after a 20 mile ride on a blustery, albeit sunny, Sunday. I couldn't tell if the cloth wicks away perspiration because it was just too darn cool to sweat. I wore a fitted jacket and long pants on the ride. The 50 degree winds had gusts up to 25mph. I was battling hypothermia after just a few miles. The jersey was soft and smooth, and would be quite comfortable probably to 70 degrees. I might make another jersey without pockets for roller/ice skating.

I started a new linen shirt today.

My collar stand and collar pattern pieces are worn out. I found a Vogue Bill Blass Designer pattern and I'll make up a collar stand template from heavy cardboard. I'll take good step-by-step pictures as I follow David Coffin's (Shirtmaking) technique. I also plan to make a collar which moves the seam to the underside and back of the collar.

For now.. g'night!

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