Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Plodding Along on the Robe

I could swear I'm making this robe more complicated than it needs to be. I could not wrap my mind around making the robe lined with all seams to the inside. I made a small doll size sample to work out the order of sewing the seams.

By midnight last night I'd worked it out. Most sewers say "just make the outer shell and the lining completely, and then slip one inside the other wrong sides together, sew the seams, turn right sides out. Could it be so simple? I tried a basted version of my doll and it just twisted up into a ball. Notice that the lining of the sleeves peek out. Well, that seam needs to be sewn before turning to right side out, and remember the lining extends up the sleeve. I either had the lining with a 180 dg twist or I had the shoulders with a nasty twist too.

What worked: sew the should seams first on both lining and shell, then the sleeves to each. With right sides together, sew the outer edge up the front, across the collar, and down the other front edge. Then turn the garment so right sides are out. Between the shell and the lining, pull the sleeves wrong side out, and sew the cuff, and then the sleeve seam. Pull the sleeves through so right sides are out. Next sew the side seams, and then the bottom seam. I think.

I'll try again on a full size sample.

Today I bought a vintage commercial Bernina 850 from a lovely lady in Bayonne. It's part of my long term plan to turn this into a little business. She only had the head and its accessories for sale, so I need to track down a table and a DC servo motor for it.


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