Friday, December 23, 2011

making bow ties

I finished another bow tie using a polyester brocade. The fabric was thicker and seemed to fray easier. I used a sheer cotton as a sewn in interfacing.

After this tie, I made another from a light satin. And then from an even lighter silky rayon. I discovered the interfacing was not substantial enough to support the bow shape for more than an hour without adjustment.

I have another four pieces of fabric to experiment with. I haven't figured out how to iron the seams better, but I was starting to use a wood point press which seemed to be better than walking out the seams with my fingers.


  1. Hi tom, I have an important question, How did you get the brocade to stop fraying so that you could turn the bow tie right side out I have tried everything and it has minimized the fraying but there still is fraying. Please help.

    1. I've tried Fray Check with mixed results. After some experimenting, I've found that using silk thread with a small stitch length (~2.0MM) seems to work best. I use Kimono #100 from Superior Threads, available online. They have a 'try me' spool for $4; hope for a subdued color.