Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fabric Cut and Sewing Begins

Tonight, I finished pinning my pattern to the fabric and cutting out the pieces. I've decided to attempt using a solid complementary blue color on the inside collar and facing. I'm using a gold colored thread to match thr\e base color of the shirt body. When I cover stitch the sleeve and body hems, I'll use a blue thread.

This pattern calls for reinforcing stitching along the V-neck-like slashing cut. The collar isn't a true V-neck, but I may be wrong on that one too.

The back called for two pleats to draw the back into the same length as the yoke. The yoke didn't go on quite as flat as usual for a shirt, but I think after I slash the collar line all will come clear.

The pattern didn't call for the edge stitching along the yoke. I noticed the baste stitch was already starting to pull apart, so I went ahead and finished the yoke. I hope this won't come back to haunt me later. I thought about trying to match the pattern of the yoke to the shirt body. I wasn't sure if the pattern would wrap correctly from front to back and I could feel my gray cells smoking in the calculation, I decided to go ahead without matching and you can see the result. Next time I might delay cutting out the yoke until after I've got the front and back pieces laid out. G'night!

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