Monday, May 30, 2011

First Draft of Vintage Hawaiian Shirt Completed

I don't think I've ever made so many mistakes in making a shirt as this one, but it seems to have a nice fit and length.

The collar is the relaxed rolled type that I've never done before. If it wasn't for my experiment in the point, I'd be very frustrated.. and this was also an experiment. My mom helped me understand how the facing wraps over the collar and then is sewn through on a single baste stitch. Once in place, it's stitched again along the collar two times, inside and outside. I did a lot of bad ironing, so the facing points didn't come out well.

I used my new cover stitch machine to do the shirt sleeve hems and the shirt body hems. I'll use this method for all future hems. My mother has also lent me her Bernina Serger to finish the seams. Up to now, I've been making flat felled seams. This creates havoc as the standard patterns don't provide the right seam allowances.

I've decided to go down two paths for my shirts. One will be a casual fast fun shirt that will most likely be a short sleeve, serged, cross stitched production. And the other will be a dress shirt with the highest quality cottons I can find, felled seams, made from a pattern that I've drawn myself.

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