Sunday, April 3, 2011

I have Turtle Eyes for You

Buttons for eyes just didn't cut it for my project turtle. All through the night I labored over the question "Are simple buttons good enough for eyes?" I called my mother, a doll restoration expert (really, she's done repairs for museums). Her response .. come to my craft cabinet, I have eyes in the basement!  And so I drove an hour each way in quest of turtle eyes.  The eyes are really teddy bear eyes, but who's splitting hairs? (no pun intended). To mount the eyes, I ironed fusible interfacing to the backside of the black turtle head body and to fine white cotton cut into circles.  The eyes are on shanks with locking nuts.  Once I had it all figured out, it took only a few minutes.  I think I burned up about 4 hours today on Turtle eyes.  Tomorrow I'll sew the body together and be done.  Maybe.

And the red rayon? My mother gave me fabric for the kimono pattern I bought yesterday.  Warning.. don't tell your mother you've bought a pattern for a future project unless you REALLY expect to do it this year.  Hey it's only April.

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