Thursday, January 3, 2019

It’s been three+ years since my last post, I’ll try to do better than that in 2019. Over the last few years, I did a number of costumes, curtains and props for community theater. From the back room I moved up to stage management, but from time to time I would make a shirt.  After moving several times, I’ve decided to settle permanently in Maine and make a new commitment to sewing.  My beloved Pfaff 2046 was replaced by a Bernina 740 a few days ago. I’m already doing 4mm flat felled seams, button holes, rolled hems, seams and buttons with precision I’ve never had — or maybe I’m taking it slow and patiently.

On New Years, I finished a rather vibrant shirt and a set of curtain inserts for a room divider that’s been waiting for over a year.  I’ll do a couple of short sleeve shirts next and then I’ll tackle making a pair of pants.  Well, maybe many pairs of pants.  

Long range, I’ll like to make a suit jacket. Stay tuned to this channel. And now a word from our sponsor, cotton thread.


  1. Where did you get the fabric for the shirt? I love it, and it is so cool looking.

    1. I bought the fabric at Fabric Warehouse, 970 New Brunswick Ave, Rahway No 07065. They have a second store in Belleville NJ on River Road. They have a website but the real deals are in the store. They have 35% off sales frequently, but at odd times they run 40%. Maybe once a year 50% off. Normally prints like the one are $6 /yard but at the right sale you can score as low as $2/ yd for some 3-4 yard pieces. Another terrific place is Budlee Fabrics, 399 Main St, Lodi No 07644. Both places are large warehouses where you roam around. Budlee has more theater fabrics.. again all at low prices. Even though I live in Maine now, I plan to drive down to NJ once a year to hit the sales.