Saturday, March 14, 2015

Another Dog Walking Shirt

Though my two little princesses are gone about 18 months,  I decided to make some dog walking shirts again in their memory.  These shirts are wacky prints that properly befit a semi-retired part-time adjunct professor.  Lord.. if my students see this I will totally lose face. Vogue 8889 turned out to be much more aggressive than I imagined.  It's loaded with side and back panels and all seams are flat felled.  The sleeve caps are fairly high, and being out of practice with flat felled seams on a shoulder cost me hours of sewing and ripping, and sewing and ripping again.  My machine felling foot really wasn't any help, so I basted the seam with a hand stitch first and then machine stitched.

The pattern eliminates a pleat in the back under the yoke by using side seam panels.  This also gives the shirt more of a contoured look.  I suppose that's OK if one doesn't have a small pot belly due to a lack of bike riding all this miserable winter.  There is something I've never seen before on a shirt.

There's an undercollar with button holes and buttons.  I made this piece in a contrasting white satin.  After all, who cares?   Well, now that my shirt is out of the way, I can focus more on The Three Musketeers. Ta!


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