Thursday, August 23, 2012

Curtain Up, Act One

Forgive me for writing so little of late.  My pursuit of the stitching art has taken me in a new direction.  A couple of weeks ago, the producer of Chatham Theater's upcoming production of The 39 Steps asked me to take on the role of Costume Designer.  It was an opportunity that I didn't imagine would come to me, so I seized the moment and have been running with it since.

The play opens October 5th and will run through October 19th.  The 39 Steps was one of the longest running comedies on Broadway during the 1990s.  It's a zany take off on Alfred Hitchcock's spy thriller of 1935 with four actors playing 34 characters in 33 scenes.  In our play, the part of Richard Hannay will be played by David Cantor, pictured here in costume for another play.

And the lovely, Ericka Knight, who is a regular with the New Jersey Shakespeare Theater, will be playing the parts of Annabelle, Pamela, and Margaret.

And as to be expected, we have two "clowns", Chip Prestera and Glenn Post who play the other 30 parts!  

Over the next few weeks, I'll write about my first experience as a costume designer (I can't believe I am writing that at all!) and hope I can give you an idea of the fun community theater can be and bring.

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