Monday, July 16, 2012

Pinned & Cut

I was a little shy about asking "J" for her chest, bust, and midriff measurements.  Ah youth! She surprised me by happily measuring her baby bump and waist as well.  She usually wears a size 6 dress, but I knew she was now in a much different shape. 

Following the measurements she gave me, the pattern calls for a size 10 around the hips, but the bust and midriff are slightly larger than a 12.  I'm not at all sure what to do with the baby bump waist.   J wants a fitted bodice that gives her good cover.  Sitting at a desk all day; she's in no mood to have the guys seeing more than fabric.  No sweet heart or scoop neck lines.   I just want her to give her the comfort and cover she wants, but at the same time look stylish.  I am developing a healthy respect for designers of maternity clothes. The muslin will tell the story.


  1. Tom,

    With the pattern selected, the empire waist does not relate to real waist position - not that a pregnant lady has a waist per se!

    I'd suggest making a size 12 muslin to test, she will only get bigger until having the baby. If you already have a maternity pattern, leave as is, if not you need to add width and length to the front skirt pattern. It's like the adjustment you would do for a full bust (google FBA or full bust adjustment) but lower down the dress.

    HTH, Sarah (dressmaker, engineer and mother....)

    1. Thank you! This is very helpful for me. I was giving some thought to inserting gussets or godets, but you have a better solution.