Friday, June 29, 2012

Work In Progress

The placket with fusible interfacing didn't work out for me, so I used the first one I'd made.  When I sewed the placket with the fusible interfacing, the fabric at the end of the opening which meets the 'tower' could not support the stress.  The tower curved on it's own.  I tried to reinforce the tower with a criss-cross quilting stitch, and while it helped somewhat the bulk of the placket increased too much.

So here's where I'm at:

I don't think the placket idea works.  There is far more bulk than a zipper, especially where the plackets meets the collar.  The pattern of the collar does not anticipate the folds, and I should have modified the pattern before cutting and sewing the collar.

This shirt needs hems on the sleeves and a bottom hem.  I've learned a lot from the shirt.  For starts, I won't use a sewing machine again for spandex.  When I do my next jersey, I will use a serger for seams and a coverstitch for hems.  I have a little more learning to do with this jersey


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