Monday, June 18, 2012

Placket Jersey Experiment

Not longer after I finished my cycling jersey, I had the misfortune of drying it on high and learning that stretch knits do not like such modern conveniences.  Yes, sports fans, my jersey came out about one third smaller than it went in.  The hem is now around my belly button.  Maybe this could be good on 90+ degree days?  I decided to make another jersey from the leftover fabric plus some new half scraps I'd bought in the garment district for $2.

I have a love-hate relationship with cycling jerseys.  The fabric is generally a stretch knit with a thin laminate of aerating material to wick away sweat and help the athlete stay cool. Maybe it's me, but I find the material is itchy after just a few washings.  The jersey I made for myself does not have the laminate, and while it is a little warmer to wear there is no itching.  The second aspect of cycling jerseys that I find annoying is the zipper.  All cycling jerseys have zipper closures.  I reasoned.. hey, why not make a cycling jersey with a neck placket and button closure.

So, I've started my quest to make a cycling jersey with nice bright reflective colors and a placket closure.  I made a test placket with fusible interfacing, and then decided it looked too stiff.  I went with a placket made from the stretch material sans interfacing.  I had to hand baste it together before stitching and the thing had a mind of its own under the presser foot.  Yes, it's functional but it doesn't look good.  In fact, it looks like a child made it.  I'll finish the jersey and learn as much as I can from it.

Have a great day!

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