Friday, June 1, 2012

June.. Already?

It's been almost two weeks since Xena, Warrior Princess, died.  I thought I'd shake off the feeling of loss by making a totally whimsical shirt and plant a little garden of marigolds and celosia.  I'm told the celosia can be dried and brought in the house for the winter.

The shirt is making steady progress.  I've done this pattern before, so I'll try not to repeat mistakes of the past.  I say that to my spouse often, but the mistakes creep back quietly like dust bunnies in the corner.

The collar and front facing are basted into position, but all the shoulder, sleeve, and side seams are stitched, serged, and sewn over to make a faux felled seam.  I used a Spring green top stitch.  The thread is both whimsy and defiance; it's hard to explain.  Mistakes will show up easily, but I just couldn't bear to use black thread.  Black is such a funereal color.  The slices of watermelon pattern and the bright thread join forces in good cheer against the black background.  Can one sew a poem?



  1. I really like the fun pattern of this fabric. It's inspiring me to make my next Minnesota State Fair shirt - each year I make a fun shirt to wear to the fair so I "blend in" with the festive carnival environment.

    I wonder which fabric from my stash will be this year's shirt?........chickens, ears of corn, merry-go-round horses, mini donuts, or something on a stick?


    1. Bravo! Ears of Corn sounds promising, but the chickens have to be a tough second choice too. With shirts like ours, no one will mistake us as Walmart Shoppers.