Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter - The Cabaret Robe comes together

It's a quiet Easter Sunday. My family are scattered around the globe and my parents prefer no visits on the holidays, so I worked on the final version of the robe for Cabaret. I've got it all together except for the bottom hem. The edging fabric was 4 inches short.

The edging is finished. I can either hem the robe to the bottom of the edging, so it will be even. On the other hand, I can hem it 2" below the edging which will give it a notched look; sort of an oriental touch. I've asked the costume designer what she wants. What do you think? Even or Notched?

There's a bit of distortion in the full length picture I took. The edging fabric is highly reflective and bounced the flash enough to disturb some pixels.


  1. Love the robe! It is a gorgeous mix of fabrics and colors, and so beautifully made. I vote for the notched look, just to add another element of interest to the design. But of course going with the costume designers preference will be the best bet.

  2. Frances, the costume designer, has picked the notched look. The notched look wins 3-0. I'll work on it this evening.