Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Shirt

I've just finished a shirt for my neighbor's Halloween Party. It is the first shirt I've done entirely from my own design and pattern. The fit still needs some work, but it was a great opportunity to learn.

The last long sleeve shirt I did, I really didn't have the hang of making a collar or cuffs. This was a step closer to where I want to be.

The collar is a single piece wing collar. Most wing collars are separate pieces that attached to the shirt stand by buttons. I don't have the time right now, so I concocted my own single piece design.

Unfortunately, I forgot to put interfacing in the cuff to stiffen it up.

Overall, the shirt fits snugly and looks OKish. I have a better idea now of bringing a whole shirt together. Now I can work on improving the parts that didn't work this time around.

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