Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's finished and mailed off to my Son

I finished the shirt on Friday night. The final step was to hem the shirt bottom. I had a little trouble keeping the facing in place at the neck line. The pattern instructions weren't clear on how to stitch it into place, so I used steam-a-seam.

Here's the inside view of how I stitched the sleeve, serged it, folded it over, and stitched it again. Then I used my cover stitch machine to finish the hem.

and here's what the sleeve looks like on the outside

before I finished the bottom hem, this was the last picture I took of the shirt.

The bad news for me and good for my son was that the shirt didn't fit me. It was a little tight and a little short, which was perfect for him. I guess size 40 in 1965 meant something different than size 40 in 2011.. or maybe I should lose some weight! :-)

Today I started a new shirt. Vogue V8759. I'm going to make the banded collar shirt in short sleeves.

I've actually been making this look since last August from a vintage Simplicity pattern called 'mix and match, design it yourself.' The pattern provided coherent sleeves, back, fronts, and a band collar. It did not provide a yoke, nor was it particularly fitted. The Vogue V8759 calls for a three piece back and very hi-cap sleeves. I'll do a muslin first to be on the safe side. You'll get to see my Singer 1030 in action!

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