Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Yohiji Yamamoto's Jacket(?)

Following a series of entries starting on Peter Lappin's blog "Male Pattern Boldness", I found a link to a free pattern by the designer Yohiji Yamamoto.
Yamamoto Pattern Download
Downloading the pattern and having a look, it reminded me of some fantastic origami puzzle. I heartily recommend listening to Yamamoto's interview: Interview
The interview will give you a philosophical backdrop for this beautiful garment.

The download is a zip file which expands into seven PDF files.  The garment has just two large pieces.  The download has two pattern printouts.  Two PDFs are single page large format prints of the pattern.  The download print instructions say 'take it to Staples and print it out on their machine.' Fat chance.  You have to guess on the size of the paper Staples is supposed to use.  Two PDFs are 28 print segments that one cuts our and sticks together.  So thinks I "I'll print them out, cut them out, stick them together, measure the paper and THEN tell Staples what size paper to use."

I've got tracing paper once I've got something accurate to trace from, and an amazing piece of wool for sewing it.  Good night Ollie.

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