Saturday, January 19, 2019

Summer is just around the corner..

I finished the short sleeve today.  I was determined to match the plaid and came pretty close. I did flat felled seams on the arm scythe and sides, which are less than the 5/8” allowance built into the pattern. The result was a bit of extra fabric where the arm, sleeve, and side sales meet. With some creative ironing and glue basting I was able to make it work on one sleeve, but the other was a mess. So I bar tacked and moved on.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Work-in-Progress Summer Short Sleeve

Last Summer a neighbor encouraged me to go with him to a house ‘clean out,’ which is a nice Maine way of saying an estate sale of a deceased person who didn’t have a lot of money but seemed to be a hoarder. The folks mistook the poor lady’s fabric stash as hoarding, but the ancient sewing machine and notions told a different story.  Along with a lot of lace trim, I bought 10 yards of a musty scented cotton yarn-dyed cotton plaid for $1, gently washed it, and added it to my own stash. Until a few days ago.  Using Vogue 2586 Bill Blass commercial pattern and varied DVDs from Taunton Press, I’ve started using the plaid.

 The new Bernina 740 has sewing precision that is amazing.  One of the holy grails of shirt collars is a point without bulk, crisp edges, and edge stitching that defies gravity.  I was stitching at 2mm from the edge, but chickened out at the point turn.. a couple more stitches would have tempted fate. I’ll always wonder, and nobody will look.  The crowd on 7th Avenue would pick it out right away, but in Maine I don’t think so. I’m determined to do flat felled side seams where I’d normally serge because no one sees the inside of a shirt. I see it, and I’m trying to make a comeback in my sewing.

The poor lady must have had the bolt for decades, just waiting for the right project.  Note to self: sew today because I might not be here for the right project. I hope she will be pleased when I’m done.